Trade Credit Insurance


Facilitating your credit insurance requirements delivering maximum benefits on a cost effective basis.

Imagine if your single largest customer fell over unexpectedly, you're selling into new unfamiliar markets, or your business was expanding where you were expected to extend higher and longer credit terms with your customers. Credit Insurance may be a solution for you. Each time you sell goods or services and extend credit terms to customers, a credit risk is created. 

In an environment where there is uncertainty due to global and local economic factors, competitor pressure squeezing margins and regulatory changes, Credit Insurance can provide you piece of mind by providing cash flow relief against the non-payment of your trade debtors following insolvency and protracted default.   

For over 25 years, our dedicated team of professionals has been developing and managing bespoke credit insurance solutions for each of our clients.

We are able to achieve this high level of service by combining our knowledge of the risk through the support of our dedicated risk management team together with our understanding of your requirements. This enables us to always be in a position to negotiate strongly on your behalf to procure the best outcome and provide a value add to your business.