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Banking & Finance


Maximising the use of a Financial Institutions' capital & growing their client relationships through innovative & bespoke Credit Insurance Solutions

RMS Credit has been dedicated to developing and providing policy structures, risk solutions and underwriting markets to meet our clients' ongoing requirements.

​RMS was instrumental in drafting some of the first bespoke banking policies in 1996 and have continued to be a key contributor to developing markets and adapting our clients' policy wordings to meet the ever-changing regulatory landscape globally.

Through our Melbourne and New York offices, RMS provide tailored insurance solutions for global Financial Institutions to create, maintain and develop key relationships by assisting in the continual development of insurance products. These solutions support the dynamic needs of our clients' product offerings as well as providing solutions to ease the burden of continually tightening capital regulations Financial Institutions face in various jurisdictions globally.

These insurance products have been developed to accommodate a wide range of banking facilities including;

Supply Chain Finance, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable discounting facilities, Term Loans and Revolving Credit Facilities, Performance Guarantees/Supplier Default, Asset Leasing, Aircraft Finance, Project Finance 

Our continued delivery of high level service has ensured we have maintained long standing relationships and policies with not only some of the largest corporates in Australia, but also many global Financial Institutions both in Australia and abroad. 

We view our role as adding value to our clients' business through procuring appropriate covers at prices commensurate to the requirements of each transaction and ensuring we make them ‘clients of choice’ in a competitive insurance market.